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Gourmet361° vision

At Gourmet361°, our vision is a simple one, to produce the kind of meals that are anticipated… not avoided, and to adhere to standards of quality and freshness that are as impressive as the menu items themselves. While some would find it challenging to maintain this artisan level of creativity and quality, it helps that our “canvas” is about 50,000 square feet and augmented by state of the art equipment and some very talented culinary ‘artists’.

Because we deal with what is often perceived as a “captive audience”, many use it as a chance to cut corners, by focusing on quantity no quality. At Gourmet361° we view is as oportunity to excel. That’s because our corporate culture is build around creating foods that are alive with flavor and nutrition. Case in point, most of the 1000+ menu items we offer are prepared from scratch using the freshest most authentic ingredients possible. Why? Because we respect the power and passion of food. Dining areas aren’t rooms that hold “captive audiences” during meal times, they’re social gathering places where sharing these meals creates a sense of community, and comfort, and in the process, a great-and appreciative workforce. Because of this, our resources and staff are focused on delivering 100% excellence 100% of the time.

Why choose us?

Why Gourmet361°? For over a decade we’ve been known as on of the area’s most well regarded providers of turnkey foodservice solutions to Cafeterias, Vending, Retail, General Catering and providers of outsourcing related services.

Or to put it another way, when it comes to foodservice related services, we offer the “entire food-chain”. In short, because we oversee every level of the process “in-house”, we’re perhaps the only area provider of cafeteria foodservice solutions with the resources to provide our clients with a boutique-like level of services and innovations, as well as economics of scale that never economize on quality. If you’re ready to experience why we’re known as “the next best thing” to actually adding a USDA Certified, state of the art, 50,000 sq foot commissary to your existing operation, contact us today.

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